1.What is the difference between Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? 
Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu is a system of fighting created by the Samurai of feudal Japan. It is the forefather of modern day Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Although the objectives of both forms are the same, to subdue an enemy/opponent by joint lock, choke or throw, the method to which each is practiced is different.

Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu is taught and mastered when two participants allow each other to practice on a willing opponent. Therefore the exchange is a mutual understanding that one is the defender and the other the aggressor. This exchange, also known as a kata, is a set of detailed choreographed patterns of movements practiced either solo or in pairs.This is the best example of high levels of Aiki-Jiu Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art, combat sport and self defense system in one.With ties to Japanese Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu deals with the concept that a smaller person can successfully defend against, and defeat, a larger, stronger opponent by using proper technique.Practitioners memorize katas in the same way as Traditional Jiu Jitsu but take training one step further by using the techniques in a live setting until one person is submitted.This is the best example of high levels of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Although both styles share a common goal, to dominate their opponent through a joint lock, choke or other type of finish, each has different training methods, allowing a practitioner to have the option of training on a non resisting opponent, or a resisting opponent.

2.Does Gotham Jiu Jitsu offer group classes?
Yes, Gotham Jiu Jitsu is now offering Women's Only Fitness Self Defense class with a maximum of 20 participants.

3.Is there striking (kicks and punches) incorporated into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?
There is no striking allowed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. However, we do teach counter measures against an opponent that do strike.

4.What can I expect from my first private session?
The first session is a general overview of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We also go over general warm ups and drills that demonstrate the various techniques.

5.And sessions afterwards?
Sessions begin with warm up drills to stretch your limbs and loosen up your joints.We then work through a series of drills based on your goals and skill level, sharpening your mind and challenging your body. Each session concludes with the chance to practice the techniques you’ve learned in a live “roll”. This is where your instructor will resist,as you work through your new skills, and attempt techniques.  There is always time for questions, and you’re never rushed through the learning process.

6.Do I have to be in physical shape prior to learning Jiu Jitsu?
We believe that regular training with Gotham Jiu Jitsu will bring you to a level of physical fitness few people will know. Many practitioners have replaced the traditional workouts with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

7.How long are classes?
With the exception of the first session, (which can be up to an 1.5 hours), sessions are roughly an hour in duration.

8.How long does it take to be proficient?
Proficiency depends on the individual and the amount of time the client dedicates to training. On average, a client who trains 2-3 times per week, will excel faster than another who trains once a week.

9.I am over 45 years old and looking for a cerebral and/or challenging sport; is Jiu Jitsu a younger person’s game or is it right for me?
Jiu Jitsu is for every age. This sport uses the mind to help outwit the opponent. A person three times your size or decades younger can be defeated easily with Jiu Jitsu.

10.I make a living with my hands – i.e. medical professional, musician, artists – is Jiu Jitsu the right sport for me?
At Gotham Jiu Jitsu, we take pride in teaching you this potentially dangerous art in the friendliest and safest manner. You will be working directly with a senior instructor in clean, fun and enjoyable atmosphere.We train with clients from all fields of study - medicine, fine arts, and the entertainment.

11.What are the benefits of one on one training?
One on one training allows for 100% attention to the client. Techniques are efficient when taught individually, and allows mistakes to be minimized. Sessions can cater to the busiest of schedules, allowing clients to having control of their training. Clients can focus on certain objectives and are drilled until the body memorizes the techniques. Clients can be assured that injuries will be minimal as the instructor is not seeking submission of the client, only to teach the client how to defend properly and counter attack.  

12.Will learning Jiu Jitsu increase my self confidence? 
As with learning any martial art, clients are learning how to manage stress in adverse situations and have a more confident self image. Clients quickly discover the more they train with Gotham Jiu Jitsu, the more their confidence increases.

13.Is your facility clean?
Our facility is top notch. We provide a clean mat space along with bathroom facilities with clean towels and showers.

14.What do I need to wear?
Regular gym attire is ideal. A pair of clean shorts and a T-shirt is all that is needed. For experienced clients, a rashguard, leggings and mouth piece will be required.

15.If I train at another Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school, will this interfere with my training at Gotham Jiu Jitsu?
We welcome clients who train elsewhere. We are not looking to have a “school”, we are looking for clients who wish to add a different perspective to their training.

16.I want to compete or get into MMA, will Gotham Jiu Jitsu be good for me?
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an integral part of MMA fighting. The one on one attention from Gotham Jiu Jitsu is ideal for people wanting to compete.

17.My schedule is erratic and I cannot commit to a schedule, how can I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?
We offer many time slots and try to work with your schedule.

18.I have a gym in my office/apartment building, can you train at my building’s fitness facility?
We have the flexibility to train off site (at this time we train only in Manhattan.) We only request that your gym provides training mats.We prefer Amazon's IncStores Mats.

19.Do you have personal trainer’s insurance?
We are fully insured through Star Insurance Company.

20. Do you offer complimentary sessions?
Yes, we offer a complimentary session to individuals by invitation or individuals that have over 10K followers on their own social media accounts. These complimentary sessions are held ONLY in the Flatiron / NoMad location.

21. How much are sessions?

Prices for personalized training sessions range from $160 to $8000, depending on what you are looking for.

22. Do you offer gift certificates?

We have a partnership with American Express and Ifonly as a Luminary.  We offer gift certificates in Women's Self Defense and Mix Martial Art's No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  It's now easier to share the personalized lessons with your friends, family and/or co-workers.