Gotham Jiu Jitsu will bring an exciting new martial arts program to your company or school. Peter, head instructor of Gotham Jiu Jitsu, is also a certified black belt instructor, who will tailor each event to fit the class’s needs. He has years of experience teaching classes and seminars around the Tri-State area and is dedicated to providing quality martial arts instruction for working adults.

Each event will incorporate a proper warm-up and stretch to improve flexibility and injury prevention. The program will involve instruction in the No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Women's Self Defense.

Students will develop focus and concentration with self defense fundamentals and also improve their strength and muscular endurance through a variety of conditioning exercises. 

Participants will also build their self-confidence by learning key self-defense tactics and improving their situational awareness in a controlled and safe environment.

Our corporate program will lead to increased health and fitness for your employees while reducing absenteeism and, quite possibly, future healthcare insurance cost increases for your company. The program is designed to help your employees make a commitment to regular exercise while fostering camaraderie among workers who join the program.

Peter has provided top quality classes, workshops and demonstrations throughout New York City.Please contact us at for more information on starting a martial arts program for your company.